The regular season has come and gone. You’re ready to see who’s going to win the biggest game of the year. You want to see someone lift that Lombardi trophy. So, you booked your Super Bowl 50 Travel Package and started getting excited. But, wait. What if you have extra time between the pre-game party and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge? Whatever will you do? Well, we’ve come up with a few more good suggestions on what to do before you head off to Super Bowl 50.


Intel Museum

Don’t overlook how technology focused the Bay Area is. Learn more about it, if that’s your cup of tea, by touring Intel’s Museum. If you need a break from football, maybe exercise your mind a bit. We’ve all seen the silly commercials of hilarious Jim Parsons learning the secret innovations of the Intel Labs. Here’s a chance to see what the company is doing first-hand. The Intel Museum is a phenomenal way to learn more about technology and the direction it is headed.


Ulistac National Park

Give yourself some space to breathe and have a picnic. Ulistac National Park, the only dedicated natural open space in the city, boasts over 40 acres of natural land along the Guadalupe River. This might be the perfect place to get away from the craziness of Super Bowl hysteria. This really is one of the most beautiful places in California. Take the time to enjoy the beautiful weather that only California can provide.


Santa Clara On Ice

Embrace the cold weather, out of the cold. From November 21st to February 7, everyone of all ages can put on some skates and enjoy the, ahem, snow at Santa Clara Central Park. Maybe take the family and see who can stay on their feet the longest! Or who can spin the most circles around each other.


California’s Big Adventure

Everyone loves an amusement park. It’s perfect for the bold and daring! This Six Flags amusement park is the perfect way to spend a day with the kids and adults alike. The park includes rides, a water park, Planet Snoopy, and live entertainment. Just make sure to not eat too much cotton candy and give yourself a belly ache the night before the Super Bowl.

The San Francisco Bay Area is teeming with great things to do! Whether you’re trying to stay near Levi’s Stadium, or venture out into the other big cities of California, there’s always something going on! If you have a great idea of something fun to do in the city, and we didn’t include it on our list, let us know. Considering how close we are to the Super Bowl, there won’t be long to wait before you can try one of our ideas!