Maybe, once up on a time, the Super Bowl was all about football. But what began as a run-of-the-mill championship game, has turned into something much, much more. Part of what makes the Super Bowl fun to watch is the ads on during the breaks. The Super Bowl still has to be watched live, it can’t be DVR’d for later, and sometimes you might never see that one ad again. That’s why watching has become so much fun! It’s just another reason why we can’t wait till Super Bowl 50!

We’ve made a list of our favorite six Super Bowl ads. Now, you may disagree, but you have to admit, these are pretty great. If we missed one, let us know, we might add it to the list!


Mean Joe Green


Apple Macintosh


McDonald’s. Larry vs Michael


The Budweiser Frogs


Nike. Michael Jordan & Bugs Bunny


Avacados from Mexico


The ads are now as anticipated as the game! We can’t wait to see what all those creative people come up with this year! But if you’d like to skip the commercials altogether, there are Super Bowl tickets still up for grabs. As well as Super Bowl travel packages! And nowadays, because the ads are posted online early, you don’t have to be in front of a tv to be in on all the jokes Monday morning!