With less than a hundred days until the Super Bowl, we’re starting to have a clearer picture of who’s going to be playing. There are the old favorites, the teams with the great dynasties, the wonderful QBs and the talented wide receivers, who end up with a perfect season going into the playoffs. Then there are the unexpected teams, who surprise and delight football fans with their spectacularly, meteoric seasons (Panthers anyone?) We’re already starting to get a pretty good picture of who the contenders will be to hoist that coveted Lombardi trophy at the end of the season. Football is always unexpected; that’s why we watch it. But that means that often are predictions are completely wrong. Regardless, here are the top 5 teams that we think have the best chance to go to Disney World.


  1. New England Patriots

Belichick and Brady have done good things this year. With an offseason full of scrutiny and scandal, there were many questions as to whether the Patriots would be mentally prepared for the season. Well, they’re undefeated and have been scoring at a scary rate every game. Brady’s bling could be welcoming another member of the family soon. Let’s see if they can keep up this undefeated streak.

2. Denver Broncos

Well maybe Peyton can’t do it again this year, especially after his injury. But that doesn’t mean the Broncos aren’t an outstanding team. The Broncos have suffered back-to-back losses, but they’re still in prime position to make a deep run into the playoffs. I don’t know a quarterback that would want to go up against the likes of Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware each week. Defenses win games, and theirs is a defense that excels.


3. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals suffered a loss against the Houston Texans, embarrassingly enough. But they looked very impressive at the beginning of the season. They’ve shown surprising maturity in their wins, especially against Seattle. So, maybe this is the year Dalton finally leads them to a playoff victory? We say, they’ve got a good shot.


4. Green Bay Packers

The Cheeseheads may not have looked perfect so far this season, although they did enough to get through the imposing defenses. Green Bay once again looks like the team to beat in the NFC. There’s a chance we could see two great quarterbacks go head-to-head if both the Patriots and the Packers make it to the Super Bowl. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?


5. Atlanta Falcons

If you survive, you advance. The Falcons are taking the March Madness approach so far this season. 3 of their wins have been by 6 or less points, but as long as Matty Ice keeps getting the W, the city is happy. Oh, and you may have heard of someone named Julio Jones making some noise this season as well. They have some tough games coming up this season still. But, so far they’re looking good.


So who will end the season on top? What are you opinions?  One thing we can promise, however, is that you can already confirm your spot in San Francisco. Super Bowl 50 packages and travel accommodations are available for the Super Bowl 50. It’s gonna be great!