It’s the 50th birthday of the Super Bowl! Can you believe it? 50 years! To celebrate, we’ve made a list of 50 things to do before you go to that Big Game on February 7th. It’s going to be great!

Check out our 50 ideas for 50 years:

  1. Know who your team will be facing in the playoffs.
  2. Check your fantasy football standings one last time.
  3. Get tickets for Super Bowl 50!
  4. Find a new favorite player to cheer for.
  5. Start a new tradition of going to the game with your best buds.
  6. Figure out where you’ll be sitting. (Seating Chart)
  7. Add a notification to your phone about the date. (That’s February 7th)
  8. Flip a coin to decide which friends your taking with you to the game.
  9. Chow down on tailgate food to get in the spirit!
  10. Add a Super Bowl countdown clock to your desktop.
  11. Schedule a vacation day for the post-Super Bowl Monday.
  12. Announce to the world you’re excited about the Super Bowl.
  13. Make fans signs. (the d-fence post is always a classic)
  14. Meditate for a moment about the beauty of sport.
  15. Read some Super Bowl history. Get your knowledge on.
  16. Select your pre-game jam music playlist.
  17. Memorize facts from the five thirty-eight blog to sound very smart.
  18. Find cool things to do around San Francisco.
  19. Pack a great football-fan costume and face paint.
  20. Plan what you want to see while visiting Super Bowl City.
  21. Take the time to tell someone how much better football is than anything else.
  22. Post lots of inspirational quotes from coaches on your Facebook page.
  23. Practice your throwing arm.
  24. Find a hotel for the Super Bowl.
  25. Get some miniature jerseys for your pets.
  26. Read the rosters of the two teams playing, so you’ll know who they’re talking about.
  27. Pack lots of extra everything.
  28. Find the right color jersey for who’s playing.
  29. Make travel plans, or buy a Super Bowl 2016 package.
  30. Look up the best post-game parties.
  31. Find out just how far away the stadium is from the game. (That’s Levi’s Stadium.)
  32. Rewatch all the playoff games the week before.
  33. Wear a big, ridiculous hat.
  34. Become a big Coldplay fan.
  35. Figure out how you’ll get to the game.
  36. Plan out your Super Bowl Sunday food ( pre-game brunch)
  37. Double check your packing list.
  38. Try out some gold face paint before your wear it on game day.
  39. Practice vocal warm-ups to get your cheer loud and proud.
  40. Follow the NFL teams on Twitter to get behind the scenes looks at players.
  41. Maybe go to the playoffs to watch your team make their whole historic run.
  42. Go to the best Super Bowl pregame tailgate.
  43. Find someone to watch your pets while your gone.
  44. Get hyped!
  45. Realize Levi’s Stadium isn’t actually in San Francisco. (It’s in Santa Clara.)
  46. Cross “going to the Super Bowl” off your bucket list.
  47. Start humming the “The Final Countdown.”
  48. Check the fantasy team, just once more.
  49. Make guesses about who will win.
  50. Get to that game!


Here’s hoping February 7th comes quickly! There is less than a month before the Big Game. It’s just about time to start making concrete plans and travel arrangements to head out to the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s also time to get excited for the Super Bowl! It’s going to be a while before another football anniversary this big comes around again! A crowd of fans always boosts up the players and the game, so make sure to be there to support your team as they go for Super Bowl gold.